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Carlos Lopez-Cantera Makes 2-Term Pledge

Carlos Lopez-Cantera Makes 2-Term Pledge

Shades of 1990s Republicanism from the Carlos Lopez-Cantera senatorial campaign, with his pledge to only serve two terms rendered on Wednesday.

“I have long believed term limits ensure new ideas and fresh perspectives in government, and I am committing to only serving two terms in the U.S. Senate. Too many politicians get to Washington, become part of the broken system and never leave. In addition, I recently signed the U.S. Term Limit Amendment Pledge. I am backing up my position by self–imposing term limits. Very few in Washington are willing to do this, but after twelve years, and sometimes in as short as two, if you haven’t been a part of the solution, you are part of the problem,” said Lopez-Cantera.

The campaign notes that “The U.S. Term Limit Amendment Pledge stipulates signers must become cosponsors of the constitutional amendment, which limits House members to three terms and Senate members to two terms, if elected in Washington. However, there is no mechanism in the pledge that compels the signer to be term limited if the amendment is not passed.”

The Lopez-Cantera path to the nomination runs through the grassroots, and this move gives him a unique talking point with the rank and file, many of whom agitated for term limiting politicians decades ago.