Carlos Lopez-Cantera will be meeting with leaders and everyday citizens across the state to get their input on job creation, economic opportunity, education and ensuring our Veterans are taken care of. Please leave your suggestions, read more about the issues CLC will fight for, and attend a Florida First Tour event!

Florida First Suggestions

We want to hear your suggestions for our great state!

Florida First Issues

Here in Florida, Carlos has been a part of the team that has cut taxes over 50 times, resulting in over one million jobs in Florida over the last five years. This happened by applying common sense solutions at the state level. Carlos will be meeting with job creators across the state to discuss what commonsense solutions they see are needed at the federal level.

Carlos has long been an advocate for school choice and getting government out of the way of education. Carlos will be meeting with educators, parents and students across the state to hear their concerns for students’ futures, and look at ways to improve education and expand the job market for graduates.

Our Veterans are our nation’s heroes, yet the VA is filled with rampant problems and they are not getting the care they need. Carlos will meet with Veterans across Florida to hear firsthand the fixes they want to see in their care.

Florida First Events

No events yet.