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Jolly’s Lobby

Jolly’s Lobby

The ultimate Washington, D.C. Insider, David Jolly lobbied for special interests as a career. As he continues to run from Charlie Crist, he also continues to flip-flop for the convenience of his campaign.

Jolly has promised Floridians a lot of things. He said he would stand up for life, stand up for Veterans and said he would be a fiscal conservative. Then, Jolly went back to his Washington ways, refusing to hold the largest abortion provider in the country accountable, refusing to place Veterans ahead of government unions and refusing to vote for a balanced budget.

What’s more in the spirit of an election year, David Jolly, the former lobbyist, says lobbyists’ contributions to members of Congress should be limited. However, as The Tampa Bay Times notes, “From 2007 to 2011, federal election records show Jolly personally gave $16,050 to members of the House and Senate appropriations committees.” (Tampa Bay Times, 5/12/15)

Quick to bash the Washington, D.C. culture, David Jolly seemingly forgets what a part he played in it.

Jolly says his experience in Washington is a good thing. As Jolly told the Associated Press, “Candidates who run as outsiders simply for the sake of being an outsider at some point need to answer for what are their actual skill sets to get things done.” (Associated Press, 5/15/16)

But, what has he done? All of those years of being a member of the status quo in Washington, D.C. have made Jolly forget about what matters here in Florida – results for Floridians.

While in Congress, Jolly has failed to hold the VA accountable, failed to stand up for life at every stage, voted against a balanced budget, and failed to deliver results for Floridians.

Jolly is still acting like a lobbyist – but these days he seems to be lobbying for government spending, unions and the abortion industry. This doesn’t seem like a principled conservative for Floridians.

David Jolly’s record may flip-flop, but he stays the course on one thing consistently: he’s good for Washington, D.C., and wrong for Florida.