Stand with Israel

Stand with Israel


Interview with U.S. Senate hopeful Carlos Lopez-Cantera

by Jacob Kornbluh

Eleven Republicans are seeking to succeed Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate. Among them is Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

Rubio hasn’t endorsed yet in the Republican primary. But on Monday, the senator suggested he may be ready to endorse the Republican he wants to see in office come January 2017. If this is to be any indication, Rubio is expected to appear Tuesday night at a Lopez-Cantera fundraiser in Washington, D.C., according to Florida Politics.

In the meantime, whether it is about supporting the presumptive Republican nominee for president or presenting his view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Lopez-Cantera sounds a lot like Rubio.

In a phone interview with Jewish Insider on Friday, Lopez-Cantera said he doesn’t believe the two-state solution is currently a “viable” path to pursue peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. “I believe there is a willingness to find a solution from the Israeli side,” he said. “But it seems to me there is no deal that the Palestinians would take because when deciding where the border would be in a two-state solution, it seems like the Palestinians want the border to be the Mediterranean Sea, which means no Israel. That seems like the only thing that they would accept. Well, there is a willingness on the Israeli side. There is a willingness — more than a willingness to have peace. But that seems one-sided.”

Asked if he would support an agreed-upon peace settlement that is based on the 1967 borders with land swaps, Lopez-Cantera said he would support anything the Israelis are proposing, “But those type of offers have been made in the past and they been rebuked the Palestinians.”